Refund Policy

  • You shall be entitled to a refund only if you’ve pre-paid your order at the time of placing order on our website and only in the event of any of the following circumstances:
    • Your delivery location following outside our designated delivery zones; 
    • Failure to contact you by phone or email at the time of confirming the order booking; 
    • You cancelling the order at the time of confirmation due to unavailability of the items you ordered for at the time of booking.
  • Our decision on refunds shall be at our sole discretion and shall be final and binding.
  • The refund will be processed in 6-7 bussiness days accordance with the terms that may be stipulated by the bank which has issued the credit/debit card.

To serve happiness to our customers through delicious, quality food and pleasant restaurant experience while working towards the greater good for our employees, community and environment.


To delight and nourish our customers with healthy, quality and delicious food and excellent service at a reasonable price.To understand our customers changing needs and constantly improve our customer experience.